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Weekly Food Prep: Meal Plan 3

January 23, 2015

January is usually the time we all vow to live a healthier lifestyle. We set goals, head to the gym, and watch what we eat. When I feel the need to get back on track, I don’t commit to a trendy diet or go on a strict cleanse. Instead, I get organized for the week and fill my fridge lean, healthy meals that are ready to go.

A lot of you have enjoyed my original post on weekly food prepping. Because of all your lovely comments, I’ve decided to keep posting meal plans to inspire your prep.

weekly food prep

Weekly Meal Plan

This meal plan clocks in at under 1500 calories. Make sure to adjust your prep according to your needs and goals!

Breakfast: 1 slice of toast with 4 fried egg whites. 1 medium orange.

Snack: 1 bell pepper and 1/2 cucumber (sliced). 1/3 cup 2% cottage cheese.

Lunch: Chicken salad with 1-2 cups spinach, 2 tbsp quinoa, 1/2 cup beets, and about 4 oz baked chicken breast. Dressing includes 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar.

Snack: Green smoothie with 1 small banana, 1 cup kale, about 1 cup almond milk (or water), 1 scoop greens powder (for an extra dose of healthy goodness), and 2 scoops vanilla protein powder.

I love the Amazing Grass Green Superfood blend in berry flavor, which you can find here. I also use Aria vanilla protein powder, which you can find here or Trader Joe’s.

Find more green smoothie recipes on the blog here and here.

Dinner: About 4 oz ground turkey meat cooked with spices and canned tomatoes. 1 cup broiled asparagus and 1 cup cauliflower rice, both cooked with 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil.

weekly food prep

weekly food prep

weekly food prep

weekly food prep

weekly food prep

A Note on Prepping

I’ve started cooking my weekly food prep meals twice a week in order to keep things fresh. That means I prep my meals for about 3 to 4 days at a time.

According to this weekly meal plan, you can cook lunch and dinner ahead of time, store the meals in Tupperware, and keep them in the fridge. Prep the veggies and portion out the cottage cheese as well. I’m more likely to reach for this kind of healthy snack if I’ve already gone through the trouble of slicing  and storing the items. As for prepping smoothies, portion out the ingredients (except the protein powder, which you can add when blending), place them in a Ziploc bag, and store the bags in the freezer until you’re ready to blend up a snack.

You can find the prepping containers I use here.

Bonus Recipe

Cauliflower Rice
Makes: about 4 servings


-1 cauliflower head
-1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
-2 cloves garlic
-1 tsp salt, 1 tsp pepper, plus spices of your choosing

*Additional toppings: chopped onion, green onion, fresh herbs, rice vinegar, etc.


1. Cut cauliflower pieces from stem into manageable pieces for the food processor.

2. Place pieces in food processor, and pulse until the pieces are evenly blended. The cauliflower is ready when it takes on the consistency of rice or quinoa.

3. Heat olive oil and garlic in pan over high heat. Quickly saute the cauliflower rice for about 5 minutes or until some of the cauliflower turns crispy–aim for the the texture of fried rice. To flavor the cauliflower rice, add spices, other veggies, fresh herbs, and other flavorings of your choosing into the pan while cooking the rice.

Personal Goals

Use these plans as inspiration, but remember to adjust them to your goals and objectives!

Are there other foods you’d like me to try to incorporate into the next set of recipes? Let me know! Check back soon for even more weekly food prep tips and meal plans.

*Note: I am not a health professional and all dietary choices are should be adjusted to your personal needs, goals, and lifestyle.

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  • Reply Becca March 1, 2015 at 7:42 pm

    I just found your site and love your food prepping posts! X
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • Reply Lily March 3, 2015 at 11:58 pm

    I just had a baby, and these weekly prep ideas are gold when I can’t spend time making a meal every day. I tend to eat whatever I can reach with one hand, which is terrible. These all look so delicious. I’d love to know what spices you use for your fish and chicken?

    • Reply Valerie Sarron March 4, 2015 at 2:12 am

      Hi Lily, thanks for reading! Yes, food prepping saves a great deal of time and it’s helpful to always have healthy options on hand. I actually use Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute which comes in one jar and includes onion, black pepper, celery seed, cayenne pepper, parsley, basil, oregano, thyme, and a whole lot more. Plus, it’s salt free which means I can sprinkle a lot on my food without the guilt. Hope that helps!

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