Editor’s Note: September 2015

September 2, 2015


September 2015

September’s Sweetness

Can you even fathom the thought of fall? I can’t–so let’s just avoid the subject a tad bit longer. It’s hard to deny, however, that there is a sort of shift in the air, a signal that change is on the horizon.

I’ve always adored September. I used to love the scent of new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils when it came time to head back to school. The month seemed full of promise and exciting beginnings.

Well, I still have a sweet spot in my heart for September–and not just because my birthday happens to land on the calendar (though, that’s surely a legitimate reason to favor a particular time of year over another). I believe the month encourages us to settle down in the comforts of home, tie up loose ends, and happily get back to projects that were put on hold due to much-needed summer vacations. September is rich with bittersweet endings, but also with new and hopeful opportunities.

Here at The Sweet Seed, I’m delighted to wrap up summer with a few travel and culture pieces. As you may have seen via Instagram or Facebook, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying a summer full of exploration. Yes, it’s difficult to say farewell! But, because September never fails to put me in good spirits (birthdays will do that to you), I plan to share content that will inspire reasons to celebrate. And who knows, perhaps you’ll even look forward to fall!

Have a sweet September,


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