Outfit Inspiration: Comfy Cable Sweaters

November 30, 2015

Comfy Cable Sweaters

Many years ago on an especially lovely Christmas morning, I received a valuable gift: the perfect sweater. Elated, I hurriedly threw it on and continued to enjoy the holiday festivities. Not five minutes later, I ruined my perfect present with a red wine stain too proud to budge even in the face of a heaping amount of spot removal solution. I lost a true friend that day–what a cruel, cruel fate!

I spent a considerable amount of time searching for a replacement and believed my efforts were hopeless. But after many failed attempts, itchy collars, and unwelcome pilling, I finally found a suitable stand-in.

Comfy cable sweaters are a commodity in the fall and the winter. I like mine off-white and over-sized, but coziness is really the key factor to keep mind. This particular pullover from Athleta checks all the boxes. Warm, snug, and stylish, a cable-knit sweater pairs well with jeans and riding boots for a classic fall look, or with a leather mini skirt (like this darling from Zara!) for a casual, yet dressy ensemble.

Have you had to bid a once-beloved sweater adieu? Don’t let another season go by without taking advantage of fashion’s most comfortable wardrobe staple.

Comfy Cable Sweaters

Comfy Cable Sweaters

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Searching for the one? I’ve rounded up my favorite comfy cable sweaters in the selection of picks below.

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