Outfit Inspiration: The Perfect Holiday Dress

December 22, 2015

holiday dress

The perfect holiday dress is hard to find. This year however, I believe I’ve discovered the mother of all festive frocks: this Bryon Lars dress from Anthropologie. Why do I consider this particular piece perfect for a special occasion? Three reasons.

Searching for an exceptional outfit? Make sure that your perfect holiday dress–or any dress fit for a celebration–ticks these boxes:

1. Festive color. A bright red number for Christmas? Sequins for the New Year? Sure, the holidays cling to certain clichés. Though, I happen to believe that one should embrace tradition. Bring on the saturated jewel tones and sparkle.

2. A flattering silhouette. This rule applies to any fashion piece worth the investment. Clothing–especially holiday attire–must flatter the figure. An outfit that’s ill-fitting simply won’t do in front of family (and not to mention after all of the feasting). Plus, you’ve got to feel comfortable in order to party through the night, no?

3. Serious charm. Charm is by far the most important factor of the bunch. A party dress must have that something special, that je-ne-sais-quoi factor, that “wow” moment which makes you fall in love. Sound extreme? Perhaps. But, why shouldn’t style make your heart skip a beat. Intricate details or unique embellishments usually do the trick.

Any dress that meets these requirements will surely shine bright for a celebratory occasion.

holiday dress

holiday dress

perfect holiday dress

holiday dress

holiday dress

Agreed? Then check out these handpicked holiday dress options for a stylish season ahead.

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