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Healing Oils for Winter + Moroccan Magic

February 10, 2016

healing oils for winter

Every woman holds some type of beauty routine sacred. For example, I feel most beautiful when I’m able to wipe away the day’s makeup, warm up a few drops of oil in my hands, and gently massage the magical mixture into my skin. It feels luxurious, it feels warm–it’s a special carved-out piece of time I use to appreciate and take care of myself.

I desperately rely on oils in the winter. When conditions are harsh, natural oils with healing, restorative properties keep skin radiant and hydrated. Not to mention, oils nourish the body from the inside out–now that’s a beauty routine with self-love (not vanity) at its core.

Plus, as opposed to expensive beauty store darlings, natural oils are easy to incorporate into an everyday regime. Ready to give these precious elixirs a try? Here are my favorite healing oils for winter:

Healing Oils for Winter

Rosehip Seed Oil (Life-Flo Brand, $7.79)

Rosehip seed oil is divine–especially in the winter. Harvested from the seeds of wild rose bushes, rosehip seed oil is rich with vitamins (vitamin A), antioxidants (beta-carotene), and fatty acids. This winning combination restores elasticity, wards off scars and fine lines, and hydrates the skin. Gentle and nourishing, rosehip seed oil is great for sensitive types. Rub a few drops between your hands and gently press them to your face for a natural-looking, dewy glow.

healing oils for winter

Coconut Oil (Nature’s Way, $10.99)

Because of its wide range of uses, coconut oil has recently enjoyed a considerable amount of time in the spotlight. The oil promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails when consumed–and thankfully there are a ton of recipes that highlight the key ingredient. Enjoy coconut oil with smoothies, in your coffee, infused into your favorite desserts, or as a sweet way to saute warm dishes. Coconut oil also stars in many popular beauty products. Use it in your routine as a moisturizer, hair mask, makeup remover, facial wash, and more.

healing oils for winter

Argan Oil (Josie Maran, $16.00)

Argan oil comes from the kernels of the argan tree and contains nutrients, fatty acids, and vitamin E. Similar to rosehip seed oil, I use argan oil in its pure form to hydrate my skin and give my face a gorgeous glow. Insider’s tip: my doctor actually recommended it as an everyday moisturizer for sensitive skin. However, I’ll also add it to other products like body lotion or hair conditioning treatments just to amp up the moisture. Luckily, argan oil is popping up in a number of mainstream beauty buys.

healing oils for winter

Moroccan Magic

Speaking of argan oil and beneficial beauty products, I was recently introduced to a new line of organic lip balms, Moroccan Magic. The balms contain argan oil (of course), coconut oil, and eucalyptus oil–plus they smell and taste like peppermint. Talk about a mixture meant for healing. Perfect for those long winter days ahead of us, these balms promote soft (and kissable–Valentine’s Day is on the horizon!) lips that are beautiful and healthy.

healing oils for winter

Do you incorporate oils into your beauty routine? What are some of your favorite products. Share your picks here!

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