Editor’s Note: Summer 2016

August 5, 2016

summer 2016

Editor’s Note: Summer 2016

If you’ve visited The Sweet Seed lately, then you’ve probably noticed my brief hiatus from the blog.

Let’s call this lapse of time my “summer vacation.” And while I did in fact take a few breaks here in there to indulge in summertime pleasures, I mostly wanted to take some time to refocus my efforts on this little corner of the internet in order to bring you even more amazing content from here on out.

So what does this summer hold in store? Fashion, beauty, and wellness galore, as well as stories that promote creativity, collaboration, and community. Yes, I’ve been hard at work over at VS Photography and look forward to sharing my experiences, lessons learned, as well as tips and tricks in regards to running a creative business.

My hopes are that we can all gather here in this space for weekly inspiration and celebrate the sweet things in life. I apologize for the delay, but I look forward to seeing you here this summer!


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