Gray Day Photo Color Story

July 28, 2017

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Gray Day Photo Color Story

I know we’re well into the spring and summer months, but gray days still happen. And because we can’t escape them, I created this gray day photo color story.

On a gloomy day in between shoots and meetings, I took a stroll through the city. While I have a strong distaste for sunless, somber weather, I do actually love the color gray (insert Fifty Shades joke here). So, instead of retreating into a coffee shop before my next photography client, I decided to capture the hue of the day with a photo color story.

I simply sought out to snap anything and everything within the chosen color family. The first thing I came to realize is that there is a lot of gray out there. The second? Gray reads lovely on camera. I quickly filled my camera card with a host of various images. Seemingly unrelated in subject matter, the collection of images still came together in an effortless kind of way. And on a positive note, I got to explore new places and take shots of objects that normally would have gone unnoticed.

View my images from the gray day photo color story below!

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