Portrait Photography Play

July 28, 2017

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Play

In addition to boudoir, I shoot a lot of portraits over at VS Photography. People are my favorite subjects. And while I typically keep my editing style consistent for my clients, I occasionally like to switch things up for fun with portrait photography. One can only stare at the same photograph over and over for so long.

Portraits are a great medium for creative play. The emotion behind an expression or a gaze remains the star, while different means of editing can evoke something new.

In this series, I went back to a styled beauty shoot I had worked on with Jenny Luu Hair and Makeup. I just loved this shot of Carly Chabot (how cool and gorgeous is she?) and could not stop toying around with it.

Take a peek at the gallery below to see some various takes on the same photograph. Stuck in a creative rut or considering switching up your style? Venture out and play around with your work! See more from this shoot over at the VS Photography blog.

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